While executing the payroll you face below error please find the below trouble shooting steps to resolve the error.

As stated in the error message there is some mismatch between employee currency and company currency. It is mandatory that Employee Currency and Employee Company Currency should be same in order to execute the payroll. Below are the steps how you can verify.

Step -1

Open Organization->Employee Master->Choose the Employee of mismatching currency  Screen, under Pay Details tab  check the Currency as shown in the below screen.

In the same screen under Job Details tab check for employee Company 

Open Organization->Company Master Screen find the employee company and open Accounting tab and check the System Currency

If both employee and company System Currency are not same please correct them and execute payroll again. If you see both the currencies are same but still you are getting the payroll error, please follow the Step-2 below. 


Earlier there was a bug in the product, because of which you might see that both employee currency and company system currency might be same in screens, but in Database data might be wrong. So please execute the below query in respected database

Open SQL Server  

Select Database and execute query the below query

“Select pdl.CurrencyCode 'Employee Currency',org.SysCurr 'Company Currency'    from HRMS_EMP_PAYMENTDTLS_DL pdl

Join HRMS_EMP_JOB jb on pdl.EmpCode =jb.EmpCode 

Join HRMS_ORG org on org .OrgID =jb.CompanyID 

Where pdl.EmpCode ='XXXX' and StatusID =1”


If you see any incorrect currencies please update the currencies in the respected screen (Employee master/Company master).