Though employee does not have punches for working days and if system is treating them as present..

- you must have not configured the bio-metric policies properly to book absent or deduct a leave

- you must have not assign the employee to respective bio-metric group

- you must have not assign the employee group to specific policy

First and foremost thing we need to check is what is the employee Time Process type. If employee is configured as Positive then ..

Below are the steps which we need to follow to crosscheck the data.

Step 1: Check employee punch details from Time Management-->ASS Employee Punch Data

Step 2 : Check whether shift pattern is generated for the selected month by viewing the shift pattern of the employee from Time Management -->ASS - shift pattern generation

Step 3: Check whether time process rules has been configured for bio-metric rule type and properly mapped with contribution rules from Time Management -->Time process rules

However these time process rules will be applied for only positive employees

Step 4 : Check employee group has been created for group type time process bio-metric from Organization -->Employee Groups

Step 5: Check whether created bio-metric group and also time process rule mapped to the work shift master assigned to the employee from Time Management --> Work Shift Master --> Biometric Rule Tab

From the above screen, the created rules will be applied to all the employees who are grouped to the bio-metric group type.

Step 6:  Do time calculation from Time Management --> ASS- Time calculation

In below time calculation page only positive employees will be loaded

Step 7: Generate attendance process either for selected employee or for all employees then as per the configured bio-metric rules employee present days will be calculated based on the employee punch details

Navigate to Time Management -->ASS - Attendance Processing

Below are the things which also need to cross check when employee punches are missed for the particular dates

(i)  If they have booked any attendance. If they book attendance then it will be considered as present days. 

(ii) If they have booked any paid leave, then it will be considered as paid leave which will be deducted from present days.

(iii) If they have booked any LOP's, then it will be considered as LOP (an unpaid leave).

(iv) If they have booked any Absent, then it will be considered as Absent days (which is also an unpaid leave).