If you come across this kind of issue

(i) First cross check whether employee payment details are added with double the actual amount in employee master

If in employee master, all standard payments are correct then

(ii) Cross check the time process results from Time Management->ASS - Attendance Processing. If you see duplicate records for same employee please do time process again for those employees. (This is a known issue when multiple users are doing time process at a time, you will see this issue)

If there are no duplicate records in Time process results then

(iii) Finally cross check the when you made salary change to employee and what is the effective date you have given. If by mistake you give incorrect date which is previous month system will calculate the arrears.  

Note: Getting double values at the time of payroll is a known issue to us. Below are the various scenarios when we get this issue.

1) When multiple users logged in and trying to execute payroll for same set of employees
2) After initiating the payroll, closing the tab or window and trying to re-initiate payroll. (As already one thread is working in the background when user re-initiates one more process system will add the payments multiple times)
3) Server low performance is one of the cause

Enspire team is working on it and you will get permanent fix in upcoming releases soon..