Navigation: Adiministration -> Enspire Settings

Packages Standard/Enterprise/Plus Modules

In order to change the the Employee Name display format from the system make sure you have enabled the options given in the Enspire settings->Employees settings and you can find the Employee display name format drop-down as per below configuration shown

Under Employees settings..
To Enable the scheduler settings, you need to turn on the option by clicking on the right side toggle button. 

By default the display format is First Name-Last Name as shown below

If you want to change the employee display name format through out the portal, you can choose required specific option from drop-down options shown as below
As shown in the above drop-down First Name, Middle Name and Last Names are considered from Employee master. Below is the screenshot from Employee Master
Example: Based on the selection option in Enspire settings->Employee display name format, Employee name will be displayed in employees list  as shown below:

Similarly employee name format will be reflected through out the portal.

Note: Kindly Re-Login once after completed the above modifications.