Navigation: Organization -> Delete Employee 

Packages Standard/Enterprise/Plus Modules

In Enspire you can delete the employee from Employee Master which might be created with incorrect data or if it is created by mistake. This feature is available from Enpsire HR version R6.0.14.

 Below is the screen to find the path for Delete Employee option. 

In Delete Employee screen you can find the options as show below in the screenshot:

To delete an employee you need to enter the Employee code and click on "Go" button. Then you will get the employee details and Employee Transaction Details as shown below:

Next step is you need to enter the reason for deleting employee in the given field: Reason for Delete

Once you click on 'Go' button system will pull number of records in DB for all kinds of transaction of employee which are available in the system. To delete an employee all the number of transaction should be zero(Null), In case of any transactions done for an employee the deletion process will not work.

For Example: After creating an employee the transactions like shift generation or attendance processing or payroll processing along with other details like Approval Pending Requests will not allow you to delete an employee.

Note: Against each transaction, system will also provide few suggestions. Though transactions/records exists for specific type of transaction by following the mentioned suggestions you can go ahead with deletion of employee. 

Example: If you have added the employee in Approval template or payslip template or workflow template then you can de-assign the employee from those particular templates and proceed with deleting the employee.

Next step is you need to confirm the Employee ID which you are currently logged in,  and then enter the 'Captcha' for security purpose.

Then you will get a confirmation message as shown below:

Once you click on the Okay button, the employee will be deleted permanently.


Once you delete employee, employee record will be deleted permanently and cannot be reverted back. Make sure there are no transactions made for the employee like leave quota, leaves, assets, loans, attendance, shift pattern generation, payroll, expense requests and so on.. Don't worry, if employee had such transactions system will not allow you to go ahead with deletion :)