Open the Report Builder App, Select Blank Report.



The below window will activate

On the left-hand side there “Report Data” Section, right side there is a properties box

In the Report Data section, there is Data source, Dataset, parameters, and Built-in fields


In the Built-in section, we can use some of the static data like

  • Page Number
  • Page Name
  • URL

In the Parameters section, we can add parameters, or also we can add them while adding SQL queries by giving “@” as a prefix i.e. @CompanyName.

To add parameter manually, right-click on the Parameter section and click on ‘Add parameter’ the below window will open.


In the Image section, we can add a static image to display on the image. We can add dynamic images from local folders or web URLs.

To add an image right click on the Image section and click on Add Image.

Data Source, It holds the connection to the SQL server, right-click on the Right-click on Data Source section and click on ‘Add Source’, the below window will open.

Give Data source Name, Select Use a connection embedded in my report, Select the connection type as ‘Microsoft SQL Server’ then click on the Build button.

In the Connection properties box, enter the server name, give the login method, select the database and click on ok.

The connection string will appear in the box then click on OK


Dataset hold the SQL queries for the report, to add right-click on the dataset and click on Add Dataset option the below window will open

Give the dataset name, Select ‘Use a dataset embedded in my report’, select the data source dropdown, enter the SQL query and click on OK.

To add parameterize query, use ‘@’ as the prefix.

A New Parameters will add in parameter sections.


This is all about the report fundamentals, in the next article, we will see, how to create a formatted report.