Are you unable to see the "Mobile Registration", "Punch IN/Punch Out" in your Enspire HR mobile application?  

With Enspire HR R6.0.18 release you may get this issue. We have enabled new menu named "Register My Mobile". In order to enable this menu for Mobile you must enable it to all employees. 

Follow the below steps for enabling new menu "Register My Mobile".

Navigation: Organization-> Configure system/user Roles

From the role wise authorization please select the roles where you want to enable the option and click on  as shown below

From the system role you have selected, go to organization module and check the Register My Mobile option and provide full authorization and click on Submit, which will enable the mobile registration option for the users.

Note: Though you give access to "Register My Mobile menu", it will not be displayed in portal. Purpose of this configuration is to disable Punch In/Punch Out/ option for mobile users.