To integrate the created report file(.rdl) we need to login to the designated SSRS URL.


Step-1: Create a new folder as per requirement, Give the name and click on the ‘Create button`


Step-2: Go to the created folder and click on the upload link.

Step-3: Select the .rdl file and click on open.

Step-4: Click on (…) on the uploaded report then click on the manage


Step-5: Click on the Data source Menu, Change the connection string as per the live database.


Step-6: Scroll down, select the ‘Using the following credential’ options, give database user name and password, Test the connection and click on Save.

Step-7: Now go to the report folder, select the report will open like below.

Step-8: Now as our report is uploaded to SSRS, we will integrate it into our Enspire Application.

Go to the Enspire portal, go to the Enspire setting menu and select the SSRS tab.


Step-9: Give all the field details and click on submit.


Now in the Customize report section, the uploaded reports will be displayed.