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For various reasons there will be a need to Re-initiate or Re-activate exit employee or sometimes HR accidentally doing exit. In these cases you can use Re-Initate employee. When you Re-initiate employee same old employee record will be activated. This feature is available from Enpsire HR version R6.0.14.

As shown below choose status as "Exit/Inactive" to display exit employees.

Select the exit employee who has to be re-initiated and click on against exit employee and select the Re-Initiate option as shown in the below screen

After selecting the Re-initiate option the employee details page will open with all the details prefilled and the event type will be selected automatically as Re-Initiate as per the below screen

While Re-initiating you should also select the Event Date which can be between employee exit date and present date. Which means employee can be re-activated on the same date of exit, so that employment can be continued. If you re-initiate after some days employee payroll will not be processed for in-activated duration. 

As we are just re-activating the employee Employee ID will be same as old.