Navigation: Performance Appraisals -> Appraisals Cycles/Periods ->Assessment periods ->form released employees ->Approval Configuration

You can change the employee form submission date when appraisal form is in below statuses 

1. Yet to Freeze (When manager has to freeze the appraisal form before releasing to employees)
2. Pending Form Submission (Employee yet to submit the form)
3. Reverted back after review (Manager or Appraiser reverted back the appraisal form to employee)
4. Form In Draft (Employee form submission is in draft)
5. Form Resubmit (Employee resubmitted the appraisal form after manager reverted back the form to employee)
6. Form Released (HR or Manager has released the appraisal form to employee)
7. Template Review Pending (Employee submitted the form and manager review is pending)