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In this statutory reports you can generate/download the PF submission report on a monthly basis.

As shown in the below screen select "Choose Report" as "Monthly PF Submission" and choose remaining fields as per your requirement like Payroll Year, Payroll Month, Report File Type.

After clicking on the submit button, system will filter the employees data based on filters selected as shown in the above screen.  Then you can generate the Monthly PF Submission report by choosing proper Action from the dropdown as shown below.

Below is the screenshot for downloaded excel sheet.

Below are the Excel sheet fields

Field NameField DescriptionOptional/RequiredAllowed Data format
Employee UAN (Universal Account Number) which you have given in Enspire HR (In employee master under tax fields you can provide it)

Note: Employee UAN number should be in 12 Digits

NameName of the employee which you have given in Enspire HR

Note: Employee name should be as per Aadhaar records
Gross WagesTotal gross earnings of the employee for that particular monthRequiredNumeric
EPF WagesTotal EPF (Employees Provident Fund) WagesRequiredNumeric
EPS WagesTotal EPS (Employees Pension Scheme) wagesRequiredNumeric
EDLI WagesTotal EDLI (Employees Deposit Linked Insurance) wagesRequiredNumeric
EPF Contribution(EE Share) being remitted
Total EPF contribution of the Employee as per the contribution rateRequiredNumeric
EPS Contribution being remittedTotal EPS contribution of the employee as per the contribution rate Required
Diff EPF and EPS contributionTotal difference remitted between EPF and EPS contributionRequiredNumeric
NCP DaysTotal no of NCP/Absent days of the employee.

NCP Days: During NCP days Pf contribution is not credited to the concerned employee PF account. 
Refund of advanceWhile filling the EPFO return for previous month extra amount it has been credited to the UAN Number


1) This report can be downloaded in Excel and Text formats. 

2) HR's should use Text format to upload in