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In this statutory reports you can generate/download the ESI submission report on a monthly basis.

As shown below select "Choose Report" as "Monthly-ESI Submission" and select other fields Report File Type, Payroll Year & Month in the drop-down and click on submit as shown below.

After clicking on the "Submit" button employees will be listed based on filters selected.  Either you can generate report for all employees or specific employees. Choose required action and click on "Go".

Below is the screen for downloaded excel sheet.

Below are the Excel fields

Field Name
Field Description
Allowed Data format
IP Number (ESIC Number)
ESIC number of the employee .

Note: ESIC/IP number should be in 10 digits
IP NameName of the insured personRequiredAlphabetic
No of Days for which wages paid/payable during the monthNo. of paid days during the monthRequiredNumeric
Total Monthly WagesTotal gross wages of the employee during the monthRequiredNumeric
Reason code for zero working daysProvide the reason code for zero working days if the employee is leaving the organizationRequiredNumeric
Last Working DayProvide the last working day of the employee RequiredNumeric