Navigation: ESS ->My Info

Packages   Standard/Enterprise/Plus Modules 

From employee self service portal Employee can upload his/her own documents and dependency documents as well. 

After login navigate to  ESS -> My Info as shown below.

Below is the landing page of My Info where you can see several tabs.

Click on Document Details tab to manage your and your dependency documents. . Below is the screen where employee can manage his/her dependency documents.

Below are the form fields

Field NameDescriptionOptional/RequiredAllowed Data Format
My Self/My Dependent
Here you can select the drop-down to whom you want to upload the documents (My Self/My Dependent)
Dependent NameHere you can select your dependent name in the drop-down.

Note: Dependent Name is not required for self documents
Document TypeHere you can select document type in the drop-down.
Document NumberHere you can mention Document number based on the document typeRequiredAlpha Numeric
Issued DateHere you can mention issued date of the document for Dependent/SelfRequiredDD-MM-YYYY
Expiry DateHere you can mention issued date of the document for Dependent/Self

After completing all the above fields click on 'Add File' and choose your document from the PC as shown below and click on submit to upload the document.



Allowed file formats are JPG, JPEG, docx, PDF and PNG and the maximum size can be 3MB.