Immediately after login you will be redirected to Dashboard where you can see notifications, your attendance, upcoming holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, pending requests, etc.,

Below is the overall view of ESS/MSS Dashboard


In Notification widget you can see all the updates happening in your company like birthdays and work anniversaries of your colleagues and notifications from your managers once they accept your leave requests/on duty requests/etc.,


It is similar to Notifications but Alerts is some thing you need to take action against to it. Example if your team member has applied for a leave you will receive alert where you need to approve or reject a leave. Below is the widget view.

Pending Requests

Pending requests widget will have all the pending requests information where you need to take action. If you are a manager and once your team member applies for a leave/on-duty request in this widget you can see the requests count. After clicking on the link you will be redirected to respective module.


You can see your monthly present days, weeks off, holidays, leaves and LOP days of a particular month.

By clicking on the Date picker icon beside the Months drop-down, you can see your work shift details and First and Last punch of each day if you are doing punches.  Below is the calendar view.

Apart from monthly attendance view you can also see your attendance details for the complete year. Below is the widget.

Task Board

Task board is to maintain your to do list. Based on the task target date system will send you reminder notifications and emails to alert you regarding scheduled task. Once the task is completed you can mark it as completed.

In order to add/create new task click on the icon  which is available on extreme right floating stickers as shown below.

By clicking on Create Task icon below popup will be opened

Field NameDescriptionOptional/RequiredAllowed Data Format
Target DateMention the target date by when you should compete your task
Target TimeNeed to enter target time.Required
Task DescriptionMention about your task details
Free Text

Upcoming Holidays

Upcoming Holidays widget will have all the upcoming holidays’ information. 


In Dashboard you can see the last sign in time, shift and shift timings. You can also see the punches (first punch and last punch) of present day.

On Dashboard screen you can see the birthdays and by clicking on more button a popup will be opened  where you can see upcoming birthdays of all employees as shown above.

On Dashboard screen you can see the work anniversaries and by clicking on more button a popup will be opened where you can see upcoming work anniversaries of all employees as shown above.

In dashboard you can also view the new joiners in present month.

MSS - Widgets

Team Size

In the above widget your team size will be displayed. By clicking on it you will be navigated to Team View page where you can see all of your team members details

Team Attendance and Team Requests

Above two widgets are for manager where he/she can see how many team members have taken leave and how many are went to client place today. 

Second widget shows number of pending requests/rejected/cancelled and approved leave requests in present month and previous months. In the same way you can see the data for On-Duty requests.