From this page manager can see his/her team requests and take action. Before taking action based on leave dates he can see if any other team members are applied for the leave on the same dates and accordingly he can take action.

MSS Leave Requests

From MSS tab, manager can see the pending leave requests which are applied by the employees. 

Leave History (Approved Leaves)

Once manager approves the leave that approved leave can be seen in MSS tab leave history.


If manager want to approve or reject leave, manager should click on Menu Icon as shown in the above screen. After that it will redirect to approval page.

After redirecting to leave requests page, here manager can approve or reject leave. In actions field if manager want to approve leave need to keep status as Approve and to reject need to keep the status as Reject. Remarks should be entered for both the actions. But while rejecting the request manager has to enter the remarks, where while approving the request remarks is optional.

Leave History

After clicking on history button you will redirect to above screen where you can view the leave history of an employee.

Also Applied By

In the above screen manager can see other employees who applied leave for the same date.

So you/manager can decide whether to approve or reject the leave based on leave history of the requested employee and leaves who have already applied for the same dates by your team members.

MSS Leave Reports

In MSS Leave Reports you can see your team members leave data on daily basis as well as monthly basis.

Detailed Report

In this report you can see complete leave details of your team members like Leave type, applied on, duration of leave , On Hold days ( The number of leave which are in pending at approval) and reason for applying leave.

In the above screen after clicking on arrow (>) you can see the details like, leave request reviewed by whom, reviewed date, status and remarks.

Consolidated Report

In consolidated report you can see total number of leaves for each member and for each leave type what is the quota assigned to employee and how many he/she had utilized and how many leaves are in onhold.  

By clicking on Total number of leaves assigned, you will see  the below screen where you can see Leave quota added, added on, used leaves, balance, valid from, valid to and total balance.

Leave Utilization Consolidated Report

By clicking on  number of leaves assigned, you will see  the below screen where you can see Leave request ID, Applied On, Leave From Date , Leave To Date Actual Days, On Hold days, Days as per filters and sandwich policy applied for the leave or not.