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This is landing page for Employees when they click on ESS Loans from Loans & Advances. By default, it will show Loan history screen as following.

Filter By Status:  Following drop down option is available on top right corner of the loan history page. By selecting any of the option available in this drop down list, it will filter and display the data in the loan history grid accordingly.

Below are the grid columns

Loan Type: Loan which we availed or requested. For Ex. Home Loan, Vehicle Loan, Education Loan, Salary Advance etc.

Loan Amount/Tenure: Loan amount sanctioned/tenure of that loan is displayed.

Outstanding Principal/Monthly EMI: Balance principal amount as of this month and monthly EMI amount are displayed.

Interest Type @ROI: Interest calculation method opted for this loan type and rate of interest are displayed. 

Request Date: Loan requested date is displayed.

Status: Every loan has life cycle with certain actions. Current stage of that loan is displayed here. All statuses with available action at that stage is explained in the below table.

Actions will be different based on current loan status. Actions can be browsed as highlighted in below picture.

Table for list of statuses and actions available for each status.

Actions Available
Approval Process in Progress
This status can be seen when loan application is due for further approval's by the managers, HOD and HR as per company approval work flow through ESS/MSS.
View Details
Cancel Request
Sanction Pending
This status can be seen after all the approvals completed (Approved) from ESS/MSS. This status represents that pending for sanction of the loan by Finance/Admin through ASS.
View Details
Cancel Request
Loan Sanctioned (Request for Disbursement)
This status can be seen once loan is sanctioned by Finance/Admin.
View Details
Request for Disbursement
Not Interested
Pending For Disbursement
This status can be seen once employee requests for loan disbursement
View Details
Loan Disbursed
This status can be seen once Finance department disburse the loan amount
View Details
EMIs Initiated
This status can be seen once first EMI is processed through payroll.
View Details
Loan Cleared
This status can be seen when the entire loan amount is cleared or paid by the employee.
View Details
Approval Process Rejected
This status can be seen when any of the approver (as per the configured work flow) rejects the application.
View Details
Cancelled Request
This status can be seen when loan request is cancelled by the Employee/Manager/HOD/Finance.
View Details
Reject Disbursement Request
This status can be seen once the loan is sanctioned and employee is not willing to take the loan amount. Upon his rejection for loan disbursement Finance Head will be notified.
View Details
Sanction Rejected
This status can be seen when Finance Head/Admin rejects the loan at sanction pending status.
View Details
Cancel Request

Action - View Details: This action will redirect you to following page where you can see complete loan details.

 Clicking on  will download complete loan statement in PDF format.

Action - Cancel Request: This action will cancel the loan application which was requested and displays following message.

Action - Request for Disbursement: This action will request finance team to disburse the loan amount.

Action - Not Interested: This action will popup following screen where Employee has to enter comments and click on 'submit' button. This action rejects the disbursement and cancel the loan application.