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From this page employees can raise request for required assets, can see previous requests details, already allocated assets.

My Assets

Below is the landing page view for employee (ESS) where employee can see allocated assets to him.

Asset Requests

Below is the Asset Requests tab looks like.

On the left hand side you can see all previous requests which are in different status. 

Below are the possible statuses of requests and respective actions.

Actions Available
Based on the stock availability IT manager either allocates the asset or keeps the request on hold, so that when ever stock comes in he will allocate the asset. View
Once employee raises request, if any approval process is enabled for employee request will be under Pending status.
Once employee request is approved by all the approver's as per the Approval Process configured in the system request will be under Approved status
During the approval process if any of the approver rejects the request, it will be under Rejected status
Once request follows the approval process and IT Manager allocates the asset to employee, it will be under AssetAssigned status

Action - View:

You can view request details by clicking "View".

By clicking on "view" user will see the below popup.

Action - Cancel: 

By clicking "Cancel", employee will be asked for cancellation confirmation which looks as below. 

Once you "confirm" the cancellation success message will be displayed as below

Below is the asset request form where employee need to enter required asset details.

Once employee fills the required details and submit the form, employee will see the below success message.