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This is the page where manager can see asset requests raised by their team members/subordinates. From here manager can see asset request details, remaining approver's details, approve/reject the request. Also if manager him self is Inventory Manager/IT Manager from here itself he can assign the asset once he approves the request.  

Below is the landing screen looks like

Once user clicks on user can see request details and other approver's details. Below is the screen it looks like...

Manager can select respective requests and either approve/reject the requests. Please see blue color highlighted areas in the below image.

Approve a Request

Once you choose requests and click on Approve you will see below success message. As soon as request is approved by manager notification/email will be sent to next level approver. If you are the final approver request goes to respective inventory manager to allocate the asset.

If you are final approver and inventory manager for the employee you will see Assign button against the same request as shown below.

By clicking on , system will take you to a page where you can see employee details, asset request details and available assets to allocate to employee. Below is the screen.

In the above screen you can see requested assets which are in stock "MO01, MO02...", you should enter required quantity and click on "Add" button . Once you click on "Add" button item will be added to right side cart.

Below is the cart view.

Before allocating the asset to employee you can review all the assets to be allocated and change the allocation quantity and you can also remove asset from the cart.

Below are the options you have for the asset request.

Reject Request - You can reject the asset request by mentioning proper comments, same will be notified to employee

On Hold Request - If sufficient stock is not available, you can keep the request on hold and allocate it once the stock comes in

Assign Asset - If  stock is available right away you can allocate the asset to employee.

In all the above options you must enter the comments before submitting the form. Once you review the cart and select proper action, after clicking on you will see success message as below.

Reject a Request


If manager chooses the Reject action a confirmation popup will be shown.

Once you confirm the reject action request will be rejected and same thing will be notified to employee, if you Cancel the confirmation no action will be taken further.