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This is the landing page for Employee trainings where Employee can see the trainings for which they have registered, yet to register, pending training invitations, accepted/rejected training invitations. 


Below are the possible attendance statuses



By clicking employee can see the complete training details.


Below is the training details screen


In training details you can see below details of the training

1) How employee can register for a training

2) How employee can accept the invitation from a manager

3) Employee can see complete training details like schedule, topics covered, uploaded materials, online referrals links, 

4) Employee can provide feedback for training

5) How manager can nominate or invite team members

From below screens you can see training status like "Open for Registration/Registration Closed/etc.," and training details like overall session rating, training duration, training time, registered for training and trainer name.





By clicking on the  icon you can see the complete information about the session, there are four widgets in the info session,


Info: Session Registrations 

Under session registrations you can see list of employees who have registered for the training and who invited them for training. 



By clicking on the icon a popup will appear as below  where you can see nominated by/invited by employee details and details of your manager/approver who approved training registration request. 



Info: Course Material

You can see and download course materials provided by trainer. 



Info: Referral Links

The referral link widget gives the online reference links provided by trainer.




Info: Training Topics

In this widget you can see all the topics which are covered in the training session




 Employee registration for training session


There are 3 ways an employee can register for a training

1. Self-Registration

2. Invitation by Managers

3. Nomination by managers



1. Self-Registration

If your HR opens the registration for all, "Register" tab will be enabled and by clicking on the button you can register yourself to a training session. If your organization need approval from your managers, as per the defined approval process notifications will be sent to your managers and once they approve your request then only you can attend the training. Till then your registration process will be on hold.  


2. Invitation by Managers

Another way is if your manager or department head invites you for a training, you will see below message where you have to accept/reject the invitation. Upon your acceptance you will be registering for a training. Either you accept or reject your managers will be notified.



3. Nomination by Managers

If your manager nominates you for training you must attend the training. As soon as your manager nominates you, you will be notified.

How Managers can nominate their team?


By clicking on the  a manager can select their team member or other team member as well, as below.


Select the employees from the above screen and click on next to nominate the employees in the next page as shown below.



Here we can see the selected employees and click on to nominate the employees. Once the manager nominates the employee will get a notification in the dashboard as shown below.




How employee can give feedback for a training after completion of the session?


Once the training is completed you will receive a notification to provide your feedback for the training. After completion of training only  tab will be enabled. 




From below widget you can see other details, schedule details, training mode and location details and trainer details.


By clicking on   you can see the training details etc., as shown in the below screen.





By clicking on  you can see the complete training schedule, as shown below 



By clicking on  you will be able to see the mode of training and the location of the training conducted.



By Clicking on  we will be able to see the complete details of the trainer and also, we can download the trainers resume.