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In any organization it is common practice that managers and team members will discuss and finalize the Targets, KRA/KPIs and Project goals before starting or initial days of appraisal period. Assessment period can be one or multiple with in a appraisal cycle. Enspire HR has given this provision to both team members and managers as well.

From this screen employees can manager Targets, KRA/KPIs and Project attributes. 


Click on  to create new Targets, it takes you to a new page where you need to fill targets.

This form is straight forward, you just need to choose the assessment period, sub period, enter Targets, Target items, Target quantity, Target duration and weightage of each target item. 

You can assign targets for multiple sub periods at a time. 

Once you create targets you can remove unwanted targets by checking the list of targets to be removed and then click on

If you try to remove the targets assigned by your manager system will throw validation as shown below.

Your targets are same for every assessment period or sub period? You don't need to create them manually every time. Here is a option to copy the previous targets to next assessment period or sub period. 

Click on , a popup will be opened where you can select next assessment periods to copy old targets. You just need to choose required Period and Sub Periods. You can select multiple sub periods to copy.

Similar to Targets you can also add KRA/KPIs and Project Attributes. 

If you don't see Add/Remove/Edit actions in this page, talk to your HR/Administrat. These are controlled by HR/Administrator.