In ESS attendance reports you can see your attendance data and punches data on daily basis as well as monthly basis.

Daily Report

In daily wise report you can see your attendance status, first and last punch of that day, and total time spent, late coming minutes, late going minutes, early going minutes, early coming minutes.

Monthly Consolidated Report

In monthly consolidated report you can see total number of present days, holidays, and week offs, paid leaves and unpaid leaves for every month of particular calendar year.

Bio-Metric Reports

In Bio-metric/Finger report you can see report on which day you are present, how many hours worked, calculates late coming based on bio-metric punch.

Monthly Bio-metric/Fingerprint Report

In Monthly Bio-metric/Finger report if you want to view all the consolidated report for entire month how many you have worked, then you need to select the Monthly Bio-metric/Finger report.