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Holiday Calendar

If you want to select optional holiday through Admin User/Virtual User on behalf of employees please follow the below steps.

1. Click on the three dots next to the required Holiday calendar and choose 'Manage Employee       Optional Holidays' 

2. Here, the system displays the optional holiday list for the employees assigned under the selected holiday calendar and The holidays will be displayed by selecting the optional checkbox in the holiday calendar. 

3. To assign an Optional holiday to a specific employee, select the employee by using the 'search employee' filter. Alternatively, to choose an Optional holiday from the Holiday calendar list, select it from the 'Holiday calendar' field 

4. To manually select an Optional Holiday, You can check the box under the holiday list. 

Note: Based on the count provided for the 'Enter no. of Optional Holidays can be opted by employees/Total no of Optional Holidays' field in the Holiday calendar, you can select the number of Optional holidays for employees. 

5. The Optional holidays selected for specific employees are displayed in ESS ->My Leaves->Optional Holidays